Leckie Elementary School

Have you logged into your Accelerated Reader Account? What about ST MATH ? PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE.     For the 2017-2018 school year Leckie Educational Campus will be a uniform school.   Student uniforms will include: • Khaki bottoms (skirts, skorts, jumpers, pants, shorts) • Top: White, Yellow or Green collared shirt Leckie Tee Shirts • Students will be allowed to wear Leckie swag throughout the school year. New Leckie swag will be available for students to purchase OR earn. • Fridays will be a dress down day and there will be spirit weeks throughout the school year Where can I get school uniforms? • Kids for Less • Children’s Place • Foreman Mills • Discount Mart • Kmart/Walmart • Roses • Old Navy • Rainbow Questions or concerns please contact us at (202)645-3330.
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