Transition Week Schedule from Principal James

The first week of school for PK3 and PK4 students is called Early Childhood Transition Week (ECTW). The transition from home to school is a major milestone in a child’s life- I was nervous too with my little ones, and ECTW will help your child get off to a strong start. This year, ECTW will begin with teacher-family visits. These visits will take place between August 25-27. Your child’s teacher will reach out to you to set up a time to meet either in your home or community. PK3 and PK4 children will not come to school on these three days. On August 28-29 children will come to school in two small groups (see below for the date your child will attend). Children with special needs will participate full in Transition Week, and should not attend school until Thursday or Friday. For questions about transportation for special education students, families should call (202) 576-5000.

Children with last names beginning A-K attend school on Thursday, August 28.
Children with last names beginning L-Z attend school on Friday, August 29.

All children come to school starting Tuesday, September 2.

The small group size on your child's first day of school gives the teacher a chance to spend time with your child – to get to know them individually, understand their needs, and make them feel comfortable in their new classroom. It also gives your child a chance to meet the teacher and learn the rules, routines, and procedures of the classroom. This experience will help your child feel at comfortable and ready to learn.