What To Wear Next School Year!?

Students and Parents at Leckie voted on Dress Code or Uniform.  The majority voted and this year students at Leckie are not required to wear a school uniform. Students should use the following guidelines when making choices about what constitutes appropriate attire for an academic setting:
§  Students have the right to choose their manner of dress and personal grooming unless it presents a clear danger to the student’s health and safety or interferes with the educational environment of the school or classroom.
§  Clothing with lewd or vulgar expressions, with offensive expressions, depicts violence, or advertises products that are illegal for minors or prohibited on school property will not be allowed.
§  Students are prohibited from wearing or carrying caps, hats, hoods, jackets, coats, and gloves in school except when they are arriving or departing from the building.
§  Students are prohibited from wearing any attire, including jewelry, symbols or “colors”, which signifies or is likely to be interpreted as signifying membership in gangs or offensive clubs.
§  Flip flops, or any other shoe without a back strap, are not permitted.
§  Tops must have a strap width of 2 inches. Tops must have a full back and must be long enough to tuck in when sitting, standing or reaching. Boys may not wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
§  No leggings or jeggings may be worn unless worn with a skirt or top that is fingertip length.
§  No pants with holes may be worn.
§  Undergarments must not be visible at any time when standing, sitting, or stretching. Trousers must be kept high enough so underwear does not show.
§  Shorts and skirts must be long enough so that all undergarments are covered when sitting, standing, or reaching. Clothing should extend as far as fingertips when arms are extended along the side of the body.
Students will be given an opportunity to correct their attire. Students in question can be sent to the office where a counselor or administrator will determine acceptability. If there are repeat offenses by a student, parents will be contacted. Continued violations will result in detention and/or suspension.
These guidelines apply to all students during school hours or at any school event. If you have questions or are offended by any individual’s attire please contact a school administrator through the "Contact Us" menu on the home page.