Distance Learning

Teacher  made packets were sent home on Friday, March 13th to all scholars.
DCPS  has  created student accounts on Microsoft  Teams to assist with virtual class instruction. 
Keep students engaged!

Teachers are transforming their virtual classrooms to be more creative, interactive, and inclusive. 
Microsoft  Teams
  • accessible via cellphone or laptop
  • search  "MICROSOFT TEAMS" in the APP STORE
Email  format: STUDENTID#@students.k12.dc.us
Password format: ######## (BIRTHDAY)
(your STUDENTID# can be found on report cards or by asking your scholar's teacher)
We will also use the following digital learning platforms: 
  • Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade will use CLASS DOJO. Any questions, please contact garrett.bronner@k12.dc.gov
  • First Grade will continue to use TEACHER EASE. Any questions, please contact sarah.voigt@k12.dc.gov
  • Middle School 6th - 8th will use ED MODO. Any questions, please contact ashley.wilson@k12.dc.gov
It will be helpful to set up a schedule and routine for the day when you’re learning from home. Mix in some play, rest, reading, and other things scholars love to do. And of course, helping around the house is highly recommended too!
DCPS'  Office of Teaching and Learning have created additional packets. These packets can be found under specific grades by navigating to the Distance Learning Tab.