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Leckie Education Campus has a wide variety of sports for boys and girls which allows our 2nd - 8th graders to experience competitive sports in a safe and structured environment.  We offer the following sports per grade level: 
Elementary Sports - Grades 2nd - 5th
Basketball (Boys and Girls) Grades 4-5
Flag Football (Coed) Grades 4-5
Cheerleaders Grades 2-5
Pom Poms Grades 2-5
Soccer (DC Scores) (Coed) Grades 3-5
Girls on the Run Grades 1-5
Middle School Sports - Grades - 6th - 8th 
Basketball (Boys and Girls) Grades 6-8
Soccer (DC Scores) (Coed) Grades 6-8
Wrestling (Boys) Grades 6-8
Cross Country  Grades 6-8
Archery  Grades 6-8
Volley Ball (Girls) Grades 6-8