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Leckie Education Campus Uniform Policy

Suggestive Uniforms are available at:

Kids For Less, GAP, OLD NAVY, Children's Place

During the 2016-17 School Year Leckie Parents voted on uniforms and the majority voted students at Leckie will be required to wear a school uniforms for the 2017-18 School Year.


Uniforms will be worn Monday – Thursday.


Students will be allowed to wear Leckie Swag (STRAIGHT OUTTA LECKIE or classic T-shirts) throughout the school year with their khaki bottoms.


Casual Fridays allow students to “dress-down” and wear their casual clothes while following Leckie’s Dress Code.


Students should use the following guidelines when making choices about what constitutes appropriate attire for an academic setting:


Student Uniforms will require


  • White, Yellow or Kelly-Green “Polo Shirts”
  • Khaki Pants, Shorts, Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers (girls have these options but not mandatory)

Casual Friday Dress Code Policy: 

* Students will choose their manner of uniform and personal grooming unless it presents a clear danger to the student’s health and safety or interferes with the educational environment of the school or classroom.

* Clothing with lewd or vulgar expressions, with offensive expressions, depicts violence, or advertises products that are illegal for minors or prohibited on school property will not be allowed.

* Students are prohibited from wearing or carrying caps, hats, hoods, jackets, coats, and gloves in school except when they are arriving or departing from the building.

* Students are prohibited from wearing any attire, including jewelry, symbols or “colors”, which signifies or is likely to be interpreted as signifying membership gangs or offensive clubs.

* Flip-flops, or any other shoe without a back strap, are not permitted.

* Tops must have a strap width of 4 inches. Tops must have a full back and must be long enough to tuck in when sitting, standing or reaching. Boys may not wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts.

* No leggings or jeggings may be worn unless worn with a skirt or top that is fingertip length.

* No pants with holes may be worn.

* Undergarments must not be visible at any time when standing, sitting, or stretching. Trousers must be kept high enough so underwear does not show.

* Shorts and skirts must be long enough so that all undergarments are covered when sitting, standing, or reaching.

*C* Clothing should extend as far as fingertips when arms are extended along the side of the body.


First Warning:                          Students will be given an opportunity to correct their attire. 

Second Offense:                 Students in question will be sent to the office where a counselor or administrator will determine acceptability. 

Final Offense:                        If there are repeat offenses by a student, parents will be contacted. Continued violations will result in detention and/or suspension.


These guidelines apply to all students during school hours or at any school event. If you have questions or are offended by any individual’s attire please contact a school administration.