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Human Anatomy 3.0 Be aware this app does not restrict anatomical systems.

This is a google chrome add-on/app that can be found on the chrome web store. This app allows students to add and remove anatomical systems. This will come in handy for the 3rd and 4th graders as they work on their understanding of living organisms and their parts (senses).

Be aware this app does not restrict anatomical systems.
Khan Academy Students have access to video lectures, games and activities which can be used to supplement their textbook, classroom notes, and labs. This website is a great resource for students and parents alike. By using the following codes students can join the LeckieSTEM class so that their teachers can see areas that need improvement and focus in to improve their educational experience.

Ms. Goodman's Homeroom
Class code: P23N9J

Mr. Noble's Homeroom
Class code: BWXK8D

Ms. William's Homeroom
Class code: AWU9YP

Mr. Smithen
Class code: 6H6CC5

Ms. Thompson
Class code: 3647NZ

Mr. Barnette
Class code: NVQ8HV
NASA Kids Club This webpage is hosted by NASA and has fun games and activities for students to try that are integrated with science content.
Solar System Use this website to explore the solar system.