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We're Celebrating Autumn!

The nights are getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors. It's autumn and we're celebrating this wonderful season!

You’ll notice our hallway taking on an autumn look. Bales of hay, pumpkins, and soon some not-so-scary scarecrows! They are all part of our Leckie Pumpkin Patch.

We’ve sent home a calendar and letter about other fun autumn activities we will have throughout the month. Let me know if you did not get your copies.

But the big buzz is about the field trip to Cox Farm Pumpkin Patch!  Go to the Class page labeled Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. There you will find parents' the letter with the details about the trip as well as the permission slip. You can print out the permission slip, fill it out, and bring it to school on Monday, October 6th.

Or you can pick up a copy of the letter and the permission slip on Monday.

See you then!

Green, Yellow, Red Behavior

How am I doing today?

That's the header on our classroom behavior chart. The purpose of the chart is to help the children learn to manage their behavior and to understand what is appropriate school behavior and what is not. 

We follow that up with the Behavior Log that is sent home each day.

Please check the log each day and initial it. Here is what the color code means:

 green – great  day! No problems; listened well and followed the rules   

 yellow – not listening/following rules. Needed some prompting but “got it          together.” Teacher will mention this to Mom or Dad.

 red – not listening or following rules despite several reminders and redirects.  Teacher will  talk to Mom or Dad to strategize about ways to help the child get  back on track.