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Leckie's STEM program is based on the Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards. Students will work closely with the Science : A closure look textbook and various specialty curriculum that will give them hands on skills and first hand experiences with techniques such as 3D printing and engineering.

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Changes for Advisory 2

Welcome all! Advisory two began this Monday November 2, 2015. In an effort to insure we have an amazing 9 weeks of productive academic rigor prezi presentations have been added to our online tools. Student and parents now have access to in class presentations, videos and activities. Note, these presentations are living and will constantly change as our children grow and make connections. Please feel free to check them out and email with any questions.
William Willis 

Missing Assignments

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,
We are now in the third and final portion of this academic quarter and students should be using this week to finish out the quarter strong. I have reopened all assignments so those that missed assignments, handed in incomplete assignments or  simply forgot about an assignment can make-up those assignments. Please take advantage of this opportunity. Homework wil be available and submissions will be accepted until Friday October 30, 2015 at 11:59 pm. Please check your child's engrade for an up to date check on their grade (grades will be updated nightly this week only). If you have any questions or need log-in information please email me at
William Willis


We are  now more than 2/3 of the way through the marking period. In an effort to insure student success. All assignments which are incomplete will be reopened this week so that they can be re-submitted for grading or a better grade. Please review all eight of your students homework assignments. If you would like to know what is missing please email me ( to schedule a meeting.   

In the first week of school we went over procedures and transitions. Students worked on how to move in the hallway, request and gather supplies, and set up their science engineering notebooks. Here you can see an example of notebook that was well done.
1)Page is numbered and Titled 
2)Sketches have dimensions and annotations
3)Blank Spaces are crossed out and labeled
Keep up the good work AJ (that is the student).
Keep an eye out for more examples of good work in the future. You never know it might just be yours.